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FE FATES OC: Aletta by pumpkincookie FE FATES OC: Aletta by pumpkincookie
adding all her path pairings and kids!

Had this dork for a while just never posted lol my outlaw dork designed by the lovely hakutan:heart: info below~

Name: Aletta
Age: 25
Class: Thief
Promotes to: Adventurer
Type of Unit: Speed and Luck are her best attributes, while her strength and resistance are weaker than most.
Unique Skill: Hoarder-The more items on her person, Aletta's speed drops -2, but her attack goes go +3
Pairing: Saizou (Revelations) // Odin (Conquest) // Silas (Birthright)
Child: Asugi (Revelations) // Ophelia (Conquest) // Sophie (Birthright)
Personality: Aletta is the sort to always seem bored and uninterested in those around her. She's negative and aloof on the outside, making her seem unapproachable to many. Though for those who stick to her, she shows her softer side. She is a loyal friend, and while she may complain, she is happy to listen to others problems and offer her own brand of honest advice.

Has the best eye for appraising value in the army.

Brief History: Aletta was born to a High-Ranking Wyvern Lord within the Nohrian Army, living quite luxuriously for most of her childhood. Her mother served as a respected healer in the army as well, so her parents were often quite busy, though always made sure to make time for her siblings and she. With an older sister and two younger siblings, Aletta was never short on companions though was always a quiet child. While things were stable for a while, her father started to seriously question the way the country was going, and while he was able to keep quiet for a while, he finally spoke out about it when tensions between Hoshido and Nohr were getting stronger (around the time Corrin was kidnapped). Garon ended up severely demoting the man for this, practically stripping the family of its holdings and titles. Suddenly destitute, Aletta's father did his best to hold his family together, but ended up succumbing to disease from overworking himself to support them. Aletta, naive about the situation, was extremely bitter towards her father, believing that had he just stayed quiet and accepted things, they could've been saved from this fate. On his deathbed, he did his best to explain his actions to her, though Aletta never really understood them until she was much older. 

Full of bitterness and anger, the young woman started to get into fights within the poorer districts, and started to hone her bow skills. While her older sister was thankfully married and stable, Aletta suddenly found herself having to help her mother hold their family together. With hungry younger siblings and her mother barely getting by with healing people, Aletta decided to started using illegal means to get by. She started by stealing food from vendors to get by, but evolved to heirlooms they had lost in an attempt to preserve their honor, adding an emerald belt to her attire to symbolize their pride. This led to many arguments between the mother and daughter, Aletta believing she was doing right by them, but her mother was concerned for her daughter's safety. Ignoring her mother's pleas, she ended up starting to perform robin hood-like deeds, stealing from nobility to feed and provide to not only her family, but others in the slums as well. She ends up attempting to steal from Corrin's ship in Conquest, following a lead about her mother's favorite brooch. When it is commandeered by Shura, she begrudgingly decides to help. In Birthright, she shows up in Camilla's chapter trying to get to the houses, and Corrin can recruit her then.

Romantic Support:
C Support: Aletta is scoping out the stock in the supplies tent, muttering about what she can come back later for to swipe. However she is stopped by Saizou, who is extremely suspicious of the thief. Aletta naturally denies having done any wrong, but has to backtrack under his glare. She leaves for now, but makes it obvious she is not done yet.

B Support: Saizou seems to be tailing someone, and it is revealed to be an irked Aletta. Despite his ninja status, as a thief she has a bit of a sixth sense for being followed. Miffed she has not been able to shake the feeling that he’s following her, she finally turns around and confronts him. She admits she has a bit of a problem keeping her hands to herself, but doesn’t need him watching her every move. The two throw a few snide sentences back and forth, and Aletta leaves in a huff.

A Support: Saizou has continued to tail Aletta, albeit more discreetly. He ends up finding that she is giving some of the stuff she has taken to local farmers so they have enough to eat, and ends up confronting her about it after appearing. While she is defensive, she ends up telling him of her fallen family, and how she did the same in Nohr as well. While the man is stubborn about the mention of Nohr, Aletta makes it clear she thinks suffering is not a contest and she will help anyone who needs it. This surprises the man, as this is a side of her he has not seen. Aletta ends up walking away, emotionally drained.

S Support: Saizou ends up going to Aletta’s tent to apologize after an internal debate, however ends up getting bombarded with sweets thrown at him. Aletta seemed to have found out he hates them, and ended up ambushing him with them. Surprisingly, he allows himself to get hit while he could have easily dodged, making Aletta realize for once he’s letting go of his pride to make amends. This act alone makes Aletta blush, and she looks away from him. Saizou begrudgingly admits he originally followed her out of suspicion, but realizes now how much it made him realize she was a good person, and even led him to fall in love with her. Aletta is surprised by this, but ends up also admitting she’s felt a lot safer with him around, and she also has watched him interacting with others as well. She loves that he is dedicated to his country and the people as well, and reveals her own crush on him. Slightly embarrassed by her confession, Saizou tsun-proposes to her, wanting to keep watching over her and to help her with her endeavors.

FE: Nintendo
Design: hakutan
Aletta: me

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CaressOfAmaranth Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2016  Student Traditional Artist
Aww, she's so pretty~
pumpkincookie Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2016  Student Traditional Artist
awww thank you i thank hakutan's gorgeous way of drawing her!
hakutan Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2016
aww yisss i love what you've come up with for her sweetie! her support with saizo ffff i love how dynamic it is!
pumpkincookie Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2016  Student Traditional Artist
alettas ready to kick ass and take names and drag her rooster husband along with her LOL
Pepperminties Featured By Owner Edited Mar 13, 2016  Student Digital Artist
Get that rooster Aleta, bribe him with chocolateeeeee XD
pumpkincookie Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2016  Student Traditional Artist
TAKE MY SUGARY LOVE ASSHOLE theyre so functional aww
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